User Agreement

Paysover is a web3-oriented solution for accepting cryptocurrency payments.

The informational-technical services provided by the Service consist of informing the User about the current state of public data.

The Service provides services for the organization and updating of public data. 

The User refers to a physical, legal, or any other entity receiving the services of organization and updating of public data. 

General Provisions

The User fully understands and agrees that the Service:

1. Does not function as a custodian.

2. Does not accept or store any payment methods or anything else that could be considered as a payment method belonging to third parties.

3. Does not collect or store data that allows access to payment methods owned by third parties.

4. Does not collect or store any confidential or non-publicly accessible data, including data owned by third parties, except:

 4.1 - user's password, defined as a means of restricting access to the organization of public data.

 4.2 - cookie files necessary for the execution of certain Service functions. 

5. Bears no liability for the actions of the User, including the usage of the Service for unlawful and illicit purposes, from the perspective of any jurisdiction.

6. Does not bear responsibility for incorrect execution of functions due to the fault of a third party.

7. All functionalities are provided on an "as is" basis.

8. Reserves the right to charge a fee and also, at its discretion, to set the price and volume of services provided for informing about the current state of public data.

The User assumes full responsibility for their actions according to their jurisdiction and legal status. If the jurisdiction in which the User resides perceives any violations in the use of the Service, the User is obliged to independently and immediately stop its usage.


1. Access to services is granted in accordance with the limits set out in the Tariff Plans.

2. Upon payment of the Tariff, the User is granted access to the functionality of the service within the stipulated limits and for the period indicated in the Tariff description.

3. The utilization of limits as per the Tariff Plan is left to the User's discretion. 

4. Refund, partial refund, or any compensation for unused limits is not provided and cannot be claimed by the User.

5. In case of a tariff change, all unused limits of the previous tariff will be irreversibly lost.

6. The internal currency of the service is the US dollar. Payments are exclusively received in cryptocurrency, at the rate prevailing at the time of the transaction. 

Affiliate Program

1. Any User can participate in the Affiliate Program. 

2. An Affiliate is a User who has brought another User to the service using the relevant tools (a referral link or a promotional code).

3. The Affiliate has an indefinite right to receive affiliate rewards - a share of funds that the service has received as payment for tariffs from the users brought in by the Affiliate.

4. The service undertakes not to reduce the Affiliate's reward percentage that was established at the time of their joining the affiliate program. This moment is considered to be the date of the first accrual of the affiliate reward.

5. The affiliate program is of two levels.

6. The affiliate reward constitutes 30% from the first-level referrals and 15% from the second-level referrals. 

7. The payout of the affiliate reward is carried out no less than once a week. 

8. The payout is made exclusively in cryptocurrency (including stablecoins) at the rate at the time of payout.

9. Registering oneself as a referral is prohibited.